Swipe on a Trackpad to navigate between web pages in Safari

Swipe on a Trackpad to navigate web pages you’ve visited in Safari on the Mac

To navigate between web pages you’ve visited, Safari offers back and forward buttons, these are represented by arrows in the upper left of Safari’s toolbar. You can also navigate by choosing menu commands and typing keyboard shortcuts. Use the keyboard shortcut Command-Left arrow and Command-Right arrow to navigate your web pages. But my favorite way of navigating through my web pages is through gestures using my trackpad.

If you’re using a Mac with a trackpad, you can move back and forth between Web pages with a two-fingered swipe left (for back) or right (for forward). If you prefer, you can switch to a three-fingered swipe in System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures. Or, if it’s difficult for you to keep exactly two or precisely three fingers on the trackpad, you can choose to swipe with two or three fingers. Lastly, I say this works in Safari in this tip, but this also works with Chrome, and Firefox.

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