Support Form was down

Unfortunately my support form has been down… for a while. Anyone who used my support form, from my support page, to contact me – I never received the email. I was receiving support emails by people emailing me directly, so I didn’t realize that I was only receiving a portion of them. So if you sent me a support question from my support page in recent months, I never received it. Sorry about that!

So what happened? I have always struggled with my business email, I’ve used reputable email providers, or so I thought, to host it. Emails would go through, I’d receive emails. But it was a struggle. Sometimes I would’t receive an email that someone sent, and others would not receive an email I sent. It didn’t happen often, and I did try a couple of email providers with the same result. I also had several chats with support to try and figure out what was going on. I did the SPF and DKIM stuff among other geeky things, and it apparently never helped. So I chalked it up to ‘the internet’.

Then this week someone told me they sent an a support question through my form… twice. This was his third time trying to contact me. I then realized the third email I received from him was a reply to one of my newsletters, and not the form. I never received his two support questions. I went and tested the form, and it was sending them, just not to my inbox. I narrowed it down to the email address.

So once again, I switched email providers. This time I went with Google. I signed up, tested it and the form worked! So I was up till 1am last night setting it all up!

If you did send me a support question… I am sorry I missed it! I can look up the support forms I missed so I will be doing that.

Again, I apologize if I missed your support question!

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