Spry Fox announces Cozy Grove 2, a sequel to the popular island camping sim

What you need to know

  • The people behind Cozy Grove have confirmed that a sequel is in the works.
  • Cozy Grove will be more of what we all enjoyed from the first title, including Flamey and Scoutmaster Blake.
  • The new game won’t make 2022 and might yet miss a 2023 release, though.

Cozy Grove 2 is coming, but not for a little while yet.

Spry Fox, the team behind the popular Cozy Grove, has announced that the game will get a sequel — but it won’t be ready for a little while yet.

The announcement came via blog post and is short on concrete information beyond the fact that Cozy Grove 2 is in the works after many, many updates and DLC releases for the original title. Spry Fox says that moving to a new game will “give us a chance to take the large amount of time that we need to address the remaining major technical issues that make expanding Cozy Grove too difficult, while also giving us a chance to do the work that will be necessary to delight all of you with new content and hopefully bring new people into our community as well.” Adding more content to the original game is simply not feasible at this point, so we’re getting a new game entirely!

As for what we can expect from such a game, Spry Fox says that more ghost bears and new environments are in the cards while Flamey and Scoutmaster Blake will return. Beyond that, it’s all a little sketchy.

There’s plenty of time for Spry Fox to clear things up, though. While the cat is out of the bag now, we do know that Cozy Fox won’t be installed on our devices any time soon. 2022 is out of the question, apparently, while 2023 is more likely but still not guaranteed.

This won’t be a quick turnaround; it certainly won’t be finished in 2022. Hopefully we can have it done by the end of 2023, but we’re not ready to promise that yet. We want to do this right and to bring you more of the things you loved, plus completely new features that will delight you. You’ve all been so kind and supportive to us and we want Cozy Grove 2 to be worthy of you.

If it’s anything like the original, Cozy Grove 2 will be worth the wait. You can download it now on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV via Apple Arcade to get a feel for why everyone is so excited. There’s a trailer for that game embedded to give you a taster, too.

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