Samsung Caught Cheating in TV Benchmarks

Rasmus Larsen, writing for FlatpanelsHD:

Reviewers, calibrators and certification bodies typically use a
10% window for HDR testing, which simply means that it takes up
10% of the screen. In this window multiple steps from black to
white as well as a set of colors are measured. Samsung has
designed its TVs to recognize this and other commonly used window
sizes, after which the TV adjusts its picture output to make
measurements appear more accurate than the picture really is.
When using a non-standard window such as 9% (everything else
equal), the cheating algorithm can be bypassed so the TV reveals
its true colors.

This is deliberate cheating, an orchestrated effort to mislead

Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest first identified and
documented the issue on Samsung’s S95B QD-OLED TV.
FlatpanelsHD has since identified and documented
the issue on Samsung’s QN95B ‘Neo QLED’ LCD TV where it gets
even worse.


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