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Like many people, I’ve been exploring Mastodon while being concerned about the future of Twitter. But federated social media is tricky, especially when it comes to simple things like replying to a post made by someone on a different server. It was not easy, as Federico Viticci explains:

This is where my friend Jason Snell comes in: a few days ago, he shared a post in which he noted that the default method for redirecting a post or profile from another Mastodon instance back to yours is, well, somewhat convoluted. If you come across a profile or post from a different Mastodon server, you have to copy its original URL, go to your instance, manually paste it into the search box, find the result you’re looking for, and only then you can interact with it. That works, but it’s not intuitive, and I figured I could improve this aspect of the Mastodon experience with a shortcut.

You can guess what happened next. Federico built a shortcut that makes the process of jumping to a local version of a remote profile or post easy. If you use Mastodon, it’s worth installing this shortcut and saving yourself the time.

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