Protect the planet along with your iPhone 13 Pro when you use these cases

Many iPhone cases are made out of plastic, which is a lightweight and protective material. But it’s not always so great for the planet. Several case companies do make an effort to be environmentally conscious by using recycled materials, natural materials, or by making cases compostable. Here are some of the best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 Pro cases you can buy.

Fun and functional

OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe iPhone Case

Staff Pick

The funfetti-style flecked OtterBox Core Series for MagSafe case is made from 50% recycled silicone and rubber regrind. As noted in our review, the colorful flecks within make it an elevated neutral that comes in several shades. Plus it is MagSafe-compatible, so you can use all your favorite MagSafe accessories.

$50 at Apple

From $48 at OtterBox

Recycle or compost

Pela iPhone Case

The Pela iPhone Case is made from flax, which is a naturally lightweight and protective material. As our review points out, you get 12-foot drop protection without any plastic. You can even send the case back to Pela when you’re done and Pela will turn it into a new case or compost it.

From $35 at Amazon

From $45 at Pela

Great value

Gemi-Case iPhone Case

No, you don’t have to spend a lot of green to go green. This plastic-free, flexible case is made from wheat fiber in a handful of appealing speckled colors and comes in paper packaging.

From $12 at Amazon

Serious protection

Case-Mate ECO94

This clear case offers 10-foot drop protection and is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. It also features MicroPel antimicrobial protection to prevent germ transmission. Each purchase supports The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees initiative.

$28 at Amazon

Nicely priced

WIKA WIKA Eco Case for iPhone

This well-priced case is made from wheat pellets and is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Plus, it has a pleasant fresh wheat fragrance and appealing texture. Choose from two natural colors.

$15 at Amazon

Straw and wheat

Woodcessories iPhone Case

Please don’t eat this case, but it’s actually made of organic, non-toxic ingredients like straw and wheat! Plus, Woodcessories will plant a tree with Trees for the Future with every case sold. Done with the case? Send it back for recycling and get 30% off your next one.

$25 at Amazon

Wave hello

LifeProof WĀKE Series iPhone Case

As detailed in our review, the LifeProof WĀKE cases have a beautiful wave pattern that makes you think of the ocean. For good reason, because the case is made from 85% recycled oceanic waste plastic. It comes in several fun colors with contrasting accents.

From $30 at Amazon

From $32 at LifeProof

Cork vegan leather

Reveal Cork Leather Case

Cork can be harvested without ever cutting down a tree, so it’s a naturally Earth-friendly material from which to make vegan leather. With every purchase, a new tree will be planted. Choose a plain cork case or one with a painted design.

$28 at Amazon

Fun designs

CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case

Made from 65% recycled materials and packed in 100% recycled packaging, the CASETIFY Ultra Impact Case is a case you can feel good about. As noted in our review, your iPhone 13 Pro will be protected from 9.8-foot drops and you can choose from a dazzling variety of fun designs or upload your own.

$70 at Amazon

From $50 at CASETIFY

100% Biodegradable

Tech21 EcoArt for iPhone 13 Pro

This protective case from Tech21 is 100% biodegradable and will not leave any microplastics or chemical traces in the environment. This artist-designed case offers 10-foot drop protection.

$40 at Amazon


Griffin Survivor Endurance for MagSafe iPhone Case

Our review explains that the lightweight but super protective Survivor Endurance for MagSafe iPhone Case is made from recycled materials and offers 14-foot drop protection. It’s got a circular array of magnets so you can use all of your MagSafe accessories.

From $45 at Amazon

$55 at Survivor

Sustainable and organic

MMORE Phone Case

If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out this case made from wood, flowers, hay, coffee, stone, and other natural materials. It’s even sealed with advanced sugar-based resin to protect the look.

From $41 at MMORE

Which of the best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 Pro cases should you get?

I love my OtterBox Core with MagSafe case. The flecked case reminds me of a festive funfetti cake and it’s made with 50% recycled materials. It looks neutral but with a hint of color to elevate it and it feels amazing in hand. Since it has a circular magnetic array, you can use your Apple MagSafe charger and your top MagSafe accessories. I frequently get compliments when I’m out and about with this one on my iPhone 13 Pro.

If you want something even more Earth-friendly, I’d recommend the Woodcessories iPhone Case. It ticks all the boxes: it’s made from organic, non-toxic ingredients, each purchase means a tree planted, and the company takes back old cases for recycling. Plus, it’s not terribly expensive and it comes in several different color options.

For the straight-up flower child, go for the MMORE Phone Case. It’s sustainable and organic, made from all kinds of natural materials which will be obvious from the look, feel, and yes, even the smell. There’s no mistaking this case for your run-of-the-mill plastic case.

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