Productivity Tips for the Mac Class will be Live Streamed on YouTube


I am going to try my first YouTube Live Stream with my class on Productivity Tips for the Mac. This is in addition to having it available on Zoom.  Why live stream it? Why not! Seriously though, live streaming opens the door for more people. What is the difference between attending through Zoom and watching via YouTube? The answer is in the question, with Zoom, you are ‘attending’ the class, albeit virtually, but you are still there. You can ask questions, you can have a conversation with me. With YouTube Live Stream, you are more of a spectator. You can watch the class, but you are limited in conversation.

How does it work? If you’d like to view it via Live Stream, just visit the class page on December 16 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST. This is all new to me, so hopefully it will work. I am crossing my fingers. Thank you for your patience as I try this out. 😊

More on the class… Are you looking for some productivity for the Mac? In this class I’ll share my 10 favorite tips. These tips are something I setup on every Mac I use on a regular basis. Some of these tips will make it easier to find apps, to show your desktop by hiding all your open windows, to adding the trash to a Finder window toolbar. Even if you use a couple of these, I believe you will be more productive on your Mac.

What I’ll cover include these tips along with why I use them:

  • Show Path Bar
  • Set what a new Finder window opens to
  • Show Status Bar in Finder Windows
  • Set the Scrollbar to always show
  • Turn on Desktop Stacks to help keep the Desktop organized
  • Use Hot Corners to show the Desktop
  • Add Trash to Finder Window Toolbar
  • Add Applications Folder to the Dock
  • Place favorite folders in the Dock
  • Use iCloud Drive to access files from all your devices
  • BONUS: Use Keyboard Shortcuts
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