‘Prehistoric Planet’ promo video ponders some dinos’ absurdly small arms

What you need to know

  • A new Prehistoric Planet video looks at what dinosaurs did when they had unusually small arms.
  • It’s thought the small arms were used for attracting a mate rather than carrying or holding objects.
  • Prehistoric Planet season one is now available to stream on Apple TV+.

The new promo video wonders what some dinosaurs did with their small limbs.

As the Apple TV+ docuseries Prehistoric Planet draws to a close after its five-day extravaganza, the show’s final episode comes with another new promo video — this one focusing on the absurdly small arms that some dinosaurs boasted.

This promo, likely to be the final one of these longer videos, takes a look at what use such small appendages could have been. They were too small to carry and hold things, but that doesn’t mean that they were completely useless. The show, hosted by Sir David Attenborough, believes the arms were there to help attract a mate — just as some modern animals have similar features that do nothing more than capture attention.

A tiny pair of limbs with a big role to play. Watch Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+ to explore dinosaurs like you’ve never seen them before. https://apple.co/_Prehistoric

Experience the world of dinosaurs like never before in this epic five-night event, from Executive Producer Jon Favreau and the producers of Planet Earth. Featuring David Attenborough, Prehistoric Planet streams on Apple TV+ May 23rd.

With today’s final episode now available to stream the entire first season of Prehistoric Planet is now available to stream on Apple TV+. You’ll need a $4.99 per month subscription to watch, while the Apple One subscription bundle is another way to get into the streaming service. That’s an especially good option for those already paying for Apple Music and Apple Arcade, for example.

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