Phenomenal iOS 16 concept has all of the features you’ve been dreaming of

What you need to know

  • A new concept gives us a look at some of the things iOS 16 could offer.
  • Big improvements include a configurable lock screen.
  • Changes to app icons, the App Library, and widgets are also included in the new concept.

This new concept is everything we want from iOS 16 and more!

We’re now just a couple of weeks away from Apple showing off iOS 16 during the WWDC22 opening keynote. Expectations are always high for these things but we don’t really know what to expect this time around. What we do know is that we’ll be very happy indeed if iOS 16 turns out to be anything like this new concept.

The new concept, shared by Nicholas Ghigo, shows us an iOS 16 that offers all kinds of features, many of which are ones that we’ve been crying out for. It’s like Ghigo took a wishlist and just started checking things off, one by one.

Examples of things that this new concept offers include a new, configurable lock screen as well as widgets that are live, enabling things like play and pause buttons and more. New icons are also included, while a redesigned Control Center is sure to be popular.

Take a look at the concept video and prepare to look forward to WWDC22 and the iOS 16 unveiling even more than you already were!

In this concept, I envisioned some cool functions and implementations I would like to see in the next gen iPhone OS.

New features like Always On, interactive widgets, new icon design, multiple timers, revised app switcher, new Control Center and much more would be highly appreciated by the community.

We can be sure that iOS 16 will be the best iPhone software release to date, but how many of these features will make it to that first beta on June 6? We don’t have much longer to wait in order to find out!

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details as we edge nearer to WWDC22 — you never quite know what could leak between now and the big day!

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