OS Version: Introduced in macOS Monterey

Tutor for Pages

Print Envelopes from a Numbers Spreadsheet with Mail Merge

With Pages not only can your merge your contacts from the Contacts app into a document, you can also merge contacts from a Numbers Spreadsheet! In this video I show you how you setup the Numbers document to prepare it for merging into Pages. I also show you how to map the fields form your spreadsheet to your Pages documents. I primarily show you the steps on the Mac, but I also show you how it works on the iPad and iPhone. See how Mail Merge works with Numbers in this video for Pages for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Create Quick Notes on the Mac

With Quick Notes, you can create a new note while within any app by using a keyboard shortcut or moving your cursor to the lower right corner of your display. You can then find all your Quick Notes in the Notes app. Learn about Quick Notes in this video for Notes on the Mac.

Tutor for Pages

Create a Mail Merge in Pages on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Mail merge in Pages allows you to create custom fields that populate with information from sources like the Contacts app or a Numbers spreadsheet. Learn how to create a Mail Merge on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone in this video for Pages.

WWDC 2022 – New in macOS Monterey, iPadOS 16, and iOS 16

Apple is having there Worldwide Development Conference from June 6-12. This is where Apple Join developers worldwide for an inspiring week of technology and community. I showed a first look at Apple’s latest macOS and IOS (based on the previous history of WWDC). In this webinar, I discussed what is new and exciting from Apple, as well as the not so exciting news. Watch the webinar below.

Set an Animated Emoji for your Mac User Profile

Did you know you could set an animated emoji of yourself for your login screen? The emoji will patiently look around as you are logging in. If you type in the wrong password, it’ll give you a confused look, while putting on it’s happy face when you correctly log in. see how to set an animated emoji for your Mac log in screen in this video for the Mac.

Share your Shortcuts with Others

Share Shortcuts and Private Sharing Settings for Shortcuts on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

So you have a favorite Shortcut you’d like to share with others? Not sure how? It’s pretty simple! You can share it via AirDrop, messages, or even through an email. There is one catch though, in order for someone to receive a Shortcut, they may need to set if they allow private sharing of Shortcuts. learn how to share and how to set your Mac, iPad, and iPhone to receive Shortcuts in this video.

Customize Do Not Disturb with Focus Modes on the Mac

With Focus modes, what we are able to do is customize Do Not Disturb. We can set different focus modes based on what we are doing. With each focus mode, we can set who and which app we want to receive notifications from. We can also have our Mac enter a Focus automatically based on time, location, or app usage. Focus was introduced in macOS Monterey. Se how to create different focuses in this video for the Mac.

Ask Siri to Run a Shortcut on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

You can run any Shortcut with Siri. Just start Siri and speak the Shortcut’s name. But how do you change what you want to say to run a Shortcut with Siri? It’s easy! Just change the name of the Shortcut. In this video I show you how you can change the name of a Shortcut for Siri on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Edit the Name, Color, and Icon or Glyph for a Shortcut

With Shortcuts, you can not only change the name of a shortcut, but you can also change the color and the icon or glyph associated with that shortcut. See how to not only change the name, and make sure that the Shortcut apps saves your changed name, but also how to change the color and icon associated with any Shortcut. I show you how to do this on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Organize your Notes with Tags on the Mac

New in macOS Monterey and the Notes app is the option to add tags to your notes. Why would you want to do this? To better organize your notes! You can apply multiple tags to a note to have it appear in multiple folders. See how easy it is to add tags to your notes, and why you may want to add tags, in this video for Notes on the Mac.

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