Phil Gyford has launched a splendid new directory of blogs:

For years I’ve seen people moan that “nobody blogs any more”, all
while my feed reader was overflowing with new blogposts I never
had time to read. I want to demonstrate that there are lots and
lots of people blogging, about all kinds of subjects!

Even though I knew there was a lot of blogging going on, I’ve
been pleasantly surprised by quite how much. So many people,
so many topics, so much enthusiasm. It’s easy to get lost down
rabbitholes, following links and blogrolls from one blog to
the next.

I want more people to read blogs and more people to write blogs. I
hope you’ll find some interesting blogs to read here and, maybe,
some inspiration that will get you blogging.

Mastodon is — deservedly! — getting a lot of attention as people re-evaluate their use of Twitter. But what I’m digging more in our current moment is renewed enthusiasm for blogging, and, on the consumption side, RSS feed reading. Ooh.directory is an old-school idea, but an evergreen one. Looks great, too.

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