Online Classes and Webinar Update

As some of you may know, I’ve been holding Ask Me Anything Webinars (AMA’s) since the beginning of 2020. This got my toes wet in hosting online events. My overall goal was to also host online classes. Starting this past summer, I hosted my first class! Since then, I decided to go all in! I am now hosting my popular AMA Webinars (think of these as a virtual help desk) every other week, and now I am hosting online classes every other week as well! Basically I am alternating. One week will be an AMA, while the other will be a class. These are held on Thursday evenings at 6pm EST.

In addition to now hosting these on a regular basis, I updated how it all works on my site. This is all new from the ground up and the site now gives you all the classes and webinars on a single page. You can also view all the events you are registered for, add them to your calendar, you’ll get reminders, and much more!

Here is some of what is new:

  • You can now view all the classes and webinars on a single page.
  • You can filter them by classes or webinars only.
  • You can view them in a monthly view, list view, or photo view.
  • You will see if you are registered already (no more wondering if you registered already).
  • You can view all your registrations from your Account page.
  • You can change or add questions after you’ve registered.
  • You’ll receive timely reminder emails about any upcoming events you are registered to.

I am excited about this! I hope it works out for everyone!

As always, thanks for your support!

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