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Dan's Tutorials Recap Newsletter

What is it? Each month, I collect everything that I’ve added to the site including my lessons, webinars, classes, and blog posts I place these in a Recap Newsletter that is readable through Apple’s Books app on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

How does it work? The newsletter is designed to be opened and read in Apple’s Books app. To view it, download the newsletter to your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Once it is downloaded, open it in Apple’s Books app. If you are using iCloud, the Books app will sync the newsletter across all your other devices, so there will be no need to download it again on your other devices.

What about receiving Newsletters via email? I also send newsletters out via email on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. By default, members are signed up for the weekly newsletters. Follow this link to manage your subscription and change how often you receive these emails.

Recap Newsletter for July 2021

Includes all my lessons, classes, webinars, and blog posts from July 2021.

Recap Newsletter for June 2021

Includes all my lessons, classes, webinars, and blog posts from June 2021.

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Download my latest Recap Newsletter.

Over 50 pages of lessons, classes, webinars, and news.​

Noteboom Tutorials

Welcome to my new site!

New name. New site. Same owner. Same tutorials.
It also has new features, including Live Classes or Webinars, as well as new tutorials and lessons.

Are you a current Noteboom Tutorials Premium member? If you are, you get a complimentary membership! You are almost all set. I imported your username. All you need to do is reset your password on the new site.

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