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The Future of Apple Retail

Neil Cybert lays out the future of Apple retail. From it’s origin, to when it was in limbo under John Browett (this is when I worked there), to Angela Ahrendts and the future.

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Origin of macOS Poof Animation

The legendary poof animation came out of a discussion of the Human Interface team that wanted this action to have an animation to go with the very liquid Aqua interface.

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Register for my AMA – Saturday, March 6 at 2pm EST.

Join me for my next Ask Me Anything (AMA) Webinar. These webinars/classes are a great way to learn more about your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. You can just watch, or if you have a question, let me know. I’ll do my best to get an answer for you.

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Forget Adobe Acrobat: Preview May Be All You Need to Work with PDFs

You don’t see it too often anymore, but there are still people who think they need Adobe Acrobat DC to work with PDFs. It easy to see why as Adobe Acrobat is the gold standard, but it’s complicated and expensive—$14.99 per month or as part of Creative Cloud for $52.99 per month. In contrast, Apple’s Preview is easy and free with macOS., and it can do a lot more with PDFs than just view them.

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