Welcome to my new site!

Hello. I’d like to welcome you to my new site. New site? Yes. Same tutorials with a new home. Now you may be wondering why. There are many reasons, all to make it better for you, and easier for me.

When I built my old site, Noteboom Tutorials, I was new at this membership stuff. I did my research and found tools that helped me build a membership site. Don’t get me wrong, the tools were good. The site has worked well for me. But I started thinking, what new tools are out there? What would I be able to do? I started looking and found some great options. These new tools are faster. They are more flexible. They are more extendable. But the only way I could use them was to ‘blow up’ the old site. I had to completely rebuild the site. This offered another opportunity. New name.

Also the thinking ,back when I first started out, was to portray a big business. Hence, Noteboom Productions and Noteboom Tutorials. That thinking has changed in the last few years. Now you want to be small, nimble, and more personal. This fits in with my style and tutorials. I am not a big company, I am a one man operation. People don’t know me by Noteboom (my wife’s maiden name), they know my by Dan. So why not make it personal with Dan’s Tutorials. I also think it’s easier to remember.

So what’s new? Let’s take a look at what I am excited about with the new site.

  • Faster. The site is now faster than ever. Preliminary tests show the new site with a google pages speed test at 96. My old site was at a paltry 26.
  • Easier Navigation. My old site was device centric. Meaning, if you wanted a tutorial on Photos, you had to first select the device, such as your Mac or iPhone. This caused confusion. People couldn’t find what they are looking for. With the new site, you just search for Photos. All the lessons for all the devices are listed in the tutorial. Of course they are all categorized.
  • Distraction Free Training. The new site allows distraction free training. When you are viewing a lesson, all the lessons for the tutorial are listed on the left. You can minimize this list to stay focused. The interface minimized for a clean trainman environment.
  • Notes. You can not take notes while watching videos. All of your notes are available from your Dashboard. They are also available on all your devices.
  • New Plans. In addition to subscription plans, I am offering single payment plans.
  • Subscription Reminders. Would you like to be reminded before a renewal payment is due? My new site will send you an email about 2 weeks before your renewal, giving you a couple weeks to evaluate if you want to keep your membership.
  • Pause Subscriptions. You can pause your subscription in addition to cancelling with my no-hassle cancellation policy.

So Noteboom Tutorials has become Dan’s Tutorials. It’s still just me, the only thing that’s has changed with my tutorials is the name.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I hope you like it!

Dan Wassink

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