New Lesson Collections Available

I’ve added new Lesson Collections to the site. These collections group my lessons from various tutorials into a single collection. With over 1,300 lesson available, one of the main issues for me is to keep these lessons organized in a way that my users can easily find what they need. It’s a constant challenge, especially as I add new content.

One of the first things I did was to group all the lessons together by app, as opposed to keeping them organized by device. I then went and grouped the lessons together by device within the tutorial. This way, all my iMovie lessons are under one tutorial, and within that tutorial, all the iPhone lessons for iMovie are grouped together.

This is nice, but it doesn’t help if someone is looking for all my latest lessons, or maybe they want some beginner lessons on the Mac or iPhone. I am not able to assign a lesson to more than one tutorial. I could change this in a simple setting for my site, but then it leads to duplicates. You’d find the same lesson in two or more tutorials. I didn’t think this was a good user experience.

Then it clicked… collections. I can tag my lessons for specific collections. If it is a lesson beginners would benefit from, I tag it as a beginner lesson. If it is on macOS Big Sur, I tag is as Big Sur. Then I create collections with these tags. So now, no matter which tutorial a lesson is in, I can list all my beginner lessons. Looking for Big Sur lessons? You will find these in a Big Sur collection. When you click on a lesson from a collection, it opens in a new window, so when you are done with the lesson, you just close it and you are back to the collection.

I have 4 Collections so far, and they are all available on my Tutorial page.

  • Latest Lessons: This is a collection of my latest lessons sorted by the date they were released. You can view all the lessons, or oney the latest lessons for a specific device, like the iPad or iPhone. This is great for seeing what is new on my site.
  • Beginners Collection: These lessons are designed for the new or beginner. They are also organized by device, so if you are new or want some basic instruction on the Mac, I have a collection of lessons that will help you get started with your Mac.
  • Apple in Education: This collection came about for the school I help out. The staff was looking for some basic instruction on how to use Apple technology in the school. So it’s not that they need beginner lessons, but lessons that may help in an education environment. They do not need to learn about parental controls but may be interested in green screen with iMovie, as an example. This is more a pet project for the school, but it could be something that others are interested in as well.
  • macOS Big Sure, iOS 14, and watchOS 7 Collection: This collection will include lessons on Apple’s newest operating systems. I used to bury these in tutorials, but now with my Collections, I can bring them front and center for people who are curious about what’s new, without having to move them out of their tutorials. This is something I’ve been battling with for a long time. I think this will work great for this dilemma I’ve been having!

So to recap, with these Collections, I can now keep all my lessons organized within their respective tutorials, but also available outside of the tutorials in a collection. I think it’s a great solution, I hope you do to! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at dan (at)


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