New iPhone Tip: Why your may be receiving Intermittent Phone Calls

In my latest iPhone tip, I show you why you may be receiving some phone calls, and not others. This could be as simple as the mute switch being turned on, and in most cases I’ve helped with, this is the issue. The Mute switch can be turned on and off by how you carry it. I don’t have a case for my iPhone, so when I slip it into my jeans pocket, that switch gets moved. Happens to me on a regular basis. But it also could be related to Do Not Disturb. Even when Do Not Disturb is turned on, some phone cals could still come through if they are marked as a Favorite, or if you have it set to allow repeated calls to come through. I look at these various settings in the tip for the iPhone.

Check out my tip on why you may be receiving phone calls intermittently on the iPhone.

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