New in Safari on the iPad

New on iPad: Desktop Browser, Download Manager, and more in Safari

Apple added a number of new features to Safari making it much more useful on the iPad. These features that I go over include a new website viewer, sharing options, a new download manager allowing you to download files directly to your iPad, and Safari is now a desktop class browser.

I first show you the new Website View Menu. This new menu first gives us easy access to increasing and decreasing the text size on a web page. It also allows us to view the current web page in reader view, including setting the font size and background color. I also go over the website settings available for the current web page you are viewing.

I then take a look at the new sharing options available in Safari, including saving the web page you are viewing as a PDF and customizing your sharing options.

From there I show you how to download a file directly to your iPad using the new Download Manager. From the Download Manager, you can see the progress of a download, and locate the downloaded file on your iPad.

The last thing I cover is my favorite new iOS feature – Safari is a now a desktop class browser. This means you have access to features in a browser that were previously only available on a desktop computer as Safari was considered a mobile browser. For me, this means I can manage the backend of my WordPress site from my iPad. I am not able to do everything I needed to do with a mobile browser, but now that Safari is a desktop class browser, I can get what I need done using my Mac or my iPad.

Check out my lesson on What’s New in Safari on the iPad with iPadOS.

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