Home Screen Options on the iPad

New on iPad: Bigger App Icons and Today View on the Home Screen

Apple introduced a couple new options for the iPad’s Home Screen with iPadOS. You can now set if you want the app icons bigger. When you do this, you can show a total of 20 app icons on the iPad. You can also set it to show more icons. When you do this, the app icons are smaller, so you can now show a total of 30 apps on your Home Screen. In addition to showing more app icons, you can also show the Today View on the Home Screen.

If you decide to show more icons and the Today View, you have a couple of other options, you can pin widgets that are shown in the Today View, and you can set if you want to be able to hide the Today View by swiping to the left.

All this makes the iPad’s Home Screen much more valuable as you can now show what is going on today just by looking at your Home Screen, as well as keep more of your favorite app on your Home Screen.

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