My Organizing & Editing in Photos on the iPad Class will be Live Streamed on YouTube

Photos Class for the iPad

I will be live streaming my class on organizing and editing your photos with Photos on the iPad class! This is a great alternative to Zoom! Just go to the event page and as soon as the class starts, you can start watching! It’s that easy. What are you going to miss by not joining with Zoom? The ability to converse with me and others. So if you would rather observe and not converse, just come back to the event page to watch the class!

Some of what I’ll be covering include:

  • Bringing Photos and Video into the Photos App
  • Organizing your Photos and Video in Albums
  • Viewing Photos and Videos on a Map
  • Searching and Filtering Photos and Videos
  • Viewing and Editing Metadata of Photos and Videos
  • Sharing Albums with others
  • Editing Photos and Videos

Join me on January 27 for this class on Organizing and Editing Photos on the iPad!

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