Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV​

Dan's Tutorials​

Dan's Tutorials

Helping people learn more about their Apple devices through video tutorials, webinars, and classes.

Over 1,800 Lessons

I have over 1,800 Lessons for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These lessons are designed to be easy-to-follow and range from a short 3 minutes to some being over 10 minutes. I add more videos on a regular basis. These videos are based off tips I find around the web to members submissions asking me how something works.

Live Online Classes & Webinars

I host online classes and webinars on a regular basis. These events are held through Zoom and cover a wide range of subjects. Past classes have covered Keynote, Pages, Spark Mail, organizing your photos, and using Apple Tech when Traveling. Webinars are usually in the format of an Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Apple News from Multiple Sources

I aggregate news from various Apple related websites including Apple's News Room, Daring Fireball by John Gruber, Six Colors by Jason Snell, iMore, and others. When you use my site for a search, it includes over 10,000 articles from these sources, so you can easily search multiple sites from one site.

Groups & Discussions

New to the site are groups dedicated to special interests, such as photography or Apps and Software. These groups are a place to ask questions and share tips on a specific topic. These groups not only include a simple news feed, but you can create discussions around a specifc topic.

Worldwide Membership

I have happy members from around the world. Of course the majority of my members are from the United States, as that is where I am from, but I also have members from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, and Switzerland, India, and more.

Supporting Small Business

When you become a member, you are helping support a small business owned by my wife and I. It is run out of our house where I use our spare bedroom as my office and studio. I create the tutorials, host the classes and meetings, I design and update the website, all from my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

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Explore the full potential of my website with my guided tour! I will take you through all the features and benefits of the site, ensuring that you make the most out of your online experience. ​

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New And Updated Lessons​

Here are my latest tips and lessons I've added and updated.


Reminders and Calendar: Working together in GoodTask

Watch my online presentation on how GoodTask transforms Reminders and Calendar into a powerful task management system. I demonstrate how I use GoodTask's features like ...

Unlocking your Apple Devices is EASIER Than Ever With these tips!

If you have an Apple Watch, you probably know that you can unlock your Mac with it. But did you also know you could unlock ...

Disabling Showing the Notification Center from the Trackpad

In this video, you'll learn how to disable the feature that allows the Notification Center to appear when swiping from the right on your Mac ...

Too Many iPhone Notifications? Reduce Distractions with Focus Profiles!

In this video, learn how to use Focus profiles on your iPhone to filter out notifications and avoid distractions, allowing you to fully focus on ...

Ask Me Anything Webinar from Nov 30, 2023

Watch my Ask Me Anything session where I covered a wide range of topics related to Apple devices. In this informal Q&A, I provided helpful ...

Find your Lost iPhone Apps!

In this video, discover how to find and add lost apps on your iPhone, locate apps in the App Library, and organize your apps efficiently. ...

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My latest News and Updates

Dan’s Tutorials

Guided Tour of the Site

Explore the full potential of my website with my guided tour! I will take you through all the features and benefits of the site, ensuring ...
Dan’s Tutorials

Gift a Membership!

Over the years I’ve had numerous requests for gifting memberships. I’ve tried several options, but they all seemed a bit on the clunky side. I ...
Dan’s Tutorials

New Website Design!

I gave my website a new look with new features! My goal in this redesign was to simplify the site.

News from Around the Web

Find some of the latest Apple news from various sources below. Links open in a new window to the resepctive website.


Stocking stuffer alert — The Nix Mini 2, just $59.97, arrives in time if ordered by Dec 14

Macworld Looking for some last-minute items to make the holidays as colorful as possible? Then the Nix Mini 2, offered with exclusive savings, might be ...
Six Colors

This Week in Apple: The haves and the have nots (Member Post)

Apple’s got big plans for next March, Android users are muddying the waters and, sure, she’s got an award-winning podcast and I don’t, but have ...

Failure to communicate: Apple cuts off Beeper Mini messaging app for Android

Beeper Mini’s workaround for iMessage doesn’t work anymoreThis post was originally published on this site

Apple appears to have quietly shut down Beeper Mini, surprising no one

Macworld Just a two days ago we told you about Beeper Mini, an Android app that sends iMessages. Unlike other services that route your messages ...

Android iMessage app Beeper mini isn’t working, and Apple probably killed it

Just days after announcement, the Beeper app that (briefly) allowed for native iMessage communication on Android isn’t working, and it appears that Apple already found ...

Holiday Deal Hub: Exclusive deals on the best accessories & apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac & more

To kick off the 2023 holiday season, 9to5Mac is bringing readers exclusive deals on some of our favorite accessories for iPhone, Mac, and more with our ...

Hands-on: Backbone One USB-C controller grip is a perfect gaming accessory for iPhone 15

Backbone just sent me one of its for iPhone 15 to check out, and it happened to arrive the same week that LEGO Fortnite launched. ...

Apple’s vice president of product design leaving in February

Tang Tan, Apple’s vice president of product design, is leaving the company in February, marking another high-level departure in recent history. Apple’s vice president of ...

Final Audio unveils updated earbuds with ‘8K Sound’ and some affordable ANC headphones

If you’re in need of new high-end earbuds or relatively inexpensive headphones, Final Audio has your back. This post was originally published on this site
Apple Newsroom

Report: 2.6B records compromised by data breaches, underscoring need for E2EE

Today Apple published an independent study that shows an increasing number of data breaches worldwide.This post was originally published on this site
Apple Newsroom

Apple Podcasts names Wiser Than Me the 2023 Show of the Year

Apple is proud to celebrate Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus with the Apple Podcasts Award.This post was originally published on this site
Apple Newsroom

Apple marks World AIDS Day with (RED)

Since 2006, Apple has partnered with (RED) to support the Global Fund in the fight against HIV/AIDS.This post was originally published on this site
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