Make Your Finder Window Columns the Right Size

I am a big fan of the Finder’s column view for a window. (choose View > as Columns). All the icons show in the window, everything is sorted alphabetically, and selecting a file shows a preview. But sometimes the column widths can be too narrow, such that they cut off file and folder names, or too wide, forcing you to scroll unnecessarily.

You probably know you can drag the handles at the bottom of the column dividers, but that can be a pain when you have lots of columns. here is what you do: Double-click a column handle to expand or shrink the column so the longest name fits perfectly. Option-double-click a column handle to do that for all the columns showing. If you forget, Control-click a handle to see commands for Right Size This Column, Right Size All Columns Individually, and Right Size All Columns Equally. I hope this helps!

(Featured image by nonbirinonko from Pixabay)

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