Live your best life without fear; get a rugged case for your iPhone 13

So you like living on the edge? If you’re always seeking the next adventure and enjoy living a rigorous, outdoorsy lifestyle, you’ll need a case to match it. The best rugged cases for iPhone 13 can weather rough drops, plenty of jostling, and all of the harsh elements. We scoured the interweb and found this list of products to help you pinpoint the best choice.

Old reliable

Otterbox iPhone 13 Defender Series Pro Case

Staff Pick

It may seem like an obvious choice, and that’s because it is. Otterbox is a go-to for rugged cases since they were one of the first brands to make them for iPhone. You can count on the Otterbox Defender for 3X the standard of military-grade drop protection.

$65 at Otterbox$65 at Amazon

Best value

Spigen Rugged Armor

Despite its surprisingly low price, Spigen’s Rugged Armor Case is both protective and long-lasting. The flexible TPU material is easy to install and great at absorbing shocks and bumps. The raised bezels around the screen and camera protect these fragile areas, and the grooved sides improve grip.

$15 at Amazon

Bullet proof

Mous Limitless 4.0 Aramid Fibre Case

Mous is famous for its crazy protective iPhone cases, and this one is lined with bullet-proof aramid fiber to boot. If you have any doubts about Mous’s Limitless line of cases, go check out their YouTube page and watch what happens when they drop an iPhone out of a helicopter.

$65 at Amazon$65 at Mous

Tough and transparent

UAG Clear Plyo Protective Case

Were you thinking that clear cases weren’t rugged? Urban Armor Gear will have you thinking again. The Plyo case is totally clear, and yet it boasts 360º impact protection for hard drops of up to 16 feet.

$40 at Amazon

The personalized case

Casetify Ultra Impact Custom Case

Not only does Casetify offer the rugged Ultra Impact case in a huge variety of prints and colors, they also offer personalized prints with letters of your choosing. On the Casetify website you can find this case with a transparent back panel, as well as MagSafe-compatible cases that you can mix and match with different colors and prints.

$75 at Casetify

Even more waterproof

Lifeproof FRĒ Case

The iPhone 13 has an IP68 water-resistance rating, which means it can withstand underwater submersion for about half an hour. The problem is, water damage could mean losing your iPhone warranty coverage. If you’re really wanting to do some underwater photography with the iPhone, or if you’re taking your iPhone kayaking and the like, a good waterproof case like this one is probably a wise choice for added watertight protection.

$90 at Amazon$90 at Lifeproof

Grippy prints

Smartish Gripzilla with MagSafe

The Smartish Gripzilla is (you guessed it) quite grippy! The undulating rubberized edges are ultra grippy, and the protective design also provides 360º drop protection. To boot, this one offers some cute prints to choose from as well.

$30 at Amazon$30 at Walmart

Cyclist’s BFF

Rokform Rugged Case

If your iPhone is a road warrior that accompanies you on your bicycle, motorcycle, RTV, or even on rock climbing excursions, the Rokform Rugged Case is the way to go. The super tough case comes with a unique interlocking mount that works for a variety of accessories, allowing you to mount it securely to almost anything.

$60 at Rokform$60 at Amazon

Go hard or go home

Don’t worry about your iPhone during life’s roughest adventures. All you need is one of the best rugged cases for iPhone 13 to keep it safe and sound. My own personal favorite is the Otterbox Defender since it has has such a well-established history of rugged protection. This one also comes with a removable belt holster for easy attachment to a belt or pocket.

The toughest case for the wildest adventures is probably the Rokform. Because of its built-in mounting system, this case can be attached to just about anything, from a bicycle to a climbing belt. You’ll want to consider your own lifestyle and preferences before you decide which rugged case will work best for your iPhone 13.

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