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Keyboard Options with the iPad

Did you know your could ‘flick’ a key down to type a different character? How about split or undock the keyboard on the iPad? You can also use multiple keyboard or even dictate to your iPad. In this lesson, from my upcoming Tutor for iPad, I show how all this works and more. This lesson is one of the longer ones, but I believe it will have something for everyone.

Where is the rest of my Tutor for iPad? And what about iPadOS? I am finishing up on the lessons for the iPad with iOS 12 and I hope to have them done this week, if not next week. After I finish my lessons on the iPad, I’ll work on iPadOS. So my guess is later October, if not early November.

Other lessons in Tutor for iPad will include:

  • Home Button Features
  • Searching your iPad
  • Arranging Apps with multiple Home Screens and Folders
  • Deleting and Offloading Apps
  • Working with the Today View and it’s Widgets
  • Notifications and the Notification Center
  • Working with and Customizing the Control Center
  • Working with the Dock
  • Moving the Cursor on the iPad
  • Sharing Files with AirDrop
  • Taking and Marking Up Screenshots
  • Settings App and Searching for Settings
  • Scheduling Do Not Disturb
  • Passcode Options
  • Viewing iPad Storage
  • Settings for Making the iPad Easier Read
  • Privacy Options
  • Multitasking with Slide Over and Split View
  • Picture in Picture Options
  • Tips for Troubleshooting
  • iPadOS (iOS 13) Lessons will also be included at a later date (end of Oct/Nov)
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