Just Added: Organizing & Editing in Photos on the iPad Class

Photos Class for the iPad

If you have an iPad, I just added a class you may be interested in – Organizing & Editing in Photos on the iPad. The Photos app on the iPad can help you organize your photos and videos, edit them, and even share them! This is what I am going to going over in this class for photos on the iPad.

Some of what I’ll be covering include:

  • Bringing Photos and Video into the Photos App
  • Organizing your Photos and Video in Albums
  • Viewing Photos and Videos on a Map
  • Searching and Filtering Photos and Videos
  • Viewing and Editing Metadata of Photos and Videos
  • Sharing Albums with others
  • Editing Photos and Videos

Register and join me on January 27 for this class on Organizing and Editing Photos on the iPad!

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