iPhone 14 Pro Camera Review: A Small Step, a Huge Leap — Lux

Sebastiaan de With, writing for the Lux blog (the makers of Halide):

I took the iPhone 14 Pro on a trip around San Francisco and
Northern California, to the remote Himalayas and mountains of the
Kingdom of Bhutan, and Tokyo — to test every aspect of its
image-making, and I have to say that I was pretty blown away by
the results of the main camera.

While arguably, a quad-bayer sensor should not give true
48-megapixel sensor resolution as one might get from, say, a
comparable ‘proper’ digital camera, the results out of the iPhone
14 Pro gave me chills. I have simply never gotten image quality
like this out of a phone. There’s more here than just resolution;
the way the new 48 megapixel sensor renders the image is unique
and simply tremendously different than what I’ve seen before.

Inspiring and informative.

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