iPhone 14 Pro Assembly Hit by COVID Protests in China

Vlad Savov, reporting for Bloomberg:*

Turmoil at Apple Inc.’s key manufacturing hub of Zhengzhou is
likely to result in a production shortfall of close to 6 million
iPhone Pro units this year, according to a person familiar with
assembly operations.

The situation remains fluid at the plant and the estimate of lost
production could change, said the person, who asked not to be
named because the information is private. Much will depend on how
quickly Foxconn Technology Group, the Taiwanese company that
operates the facility, can get people back to assembly lines after
violent protests against Covid restrictions. If lockdowns continue
in the weeks ahead, production could be set further back.

I didn’t comprehensively check all colors, sizes, and storage capacities, but a quick check of a few iPhone 14 Pro configurations today all show December 28 as the promised delivery date. Apple, famously, under-promises and over-delivers on these delivery dates, but it’s still November and iPhone 14 Pro is in “Don’t count on this for Christmas” territory.

With a lot of products — like, say, laptops during the COVID lockdown — a delay like this just means the purchase will be deferred until the next quarter. Maybe you can’t get it now, but you’ll still buy it when it does become available. I’m not sure that’s true for iPhones that, if available, would be purchased as holiday gifts.

See also: Good Twitter thread from Bryce Weiner documenting the protests/riots by workers at Foxconn’s Apple factories.

* You know.

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