iPhone 14 Is More Easily Repaired Than Previous iPhones

Kyle Wiens, writing for iFixit:

The best feature of the iPhone 14 is one that Apple didn’t tell
you about. Forget satellite SOS and the larger camera, the
headline is this: Apple has completely redesigned the internals of
the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair. It is not at all
visible from the outside, but this is a big deal. It’s the most
significant design change to the iPhone in a long time. The iPhone
14 Pro and Pro Max models still have the old architecture, so if
you’re thinking about buying a new phone, and you want an iPhone
that really lasts, you should keep reading. […]

Enter the iPhone 14. The back glass is simply secured with two
screws and a single connector. Apple has seemingly used a slightly
less aggressive adhesive, making opening it up a tad easier than
screens of yore. And as a bonus, removing the exact same screws
as the back glass gets you access to the screen. Just two screws,
and both screen and back glass are immediately accessible.

This is a very clever design, and without question good news. The fact that this new design is exclusive to the non-pro iPhone 14 models also shows just how different they are from the iPhones 14 Pro. Not just different chips, cameras, and materials — altogether different hardware designs, too.

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