iPhone 13 Pro Max fares well in drop tests, but you’ll want a case anyway

What you need to know

  • New drop tests show that iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t break too easily, despite its heft.
  • Those prone to dropping things should probably still get a case.

If not a case, make sure you get AppleCare+.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is a hefty bit of kit and that’s something that can make it susceptible to breakage when dropped. As with any new iPhone launch, there have been people dropping these things in the name of science — and it turns out Apple’s massive iPhone is pretty good at standing up to a tumble.

In a YouTube video put together by EverythingApplePro, an iPhone 13 Pro Max was dropped alongside an iPhone 13 Pro to see how they held up. The tests involved a concrete floor which is about as harsh a drop as most iPhones are going to have to deal with. While the iPhones do eventually break, they seem to withstand falls from table height surprisingly well — a height most iPhones are likely to fall from. Just try not to drop these things when they’re around head height.

You’ll see why when you watch the video.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro Drop Test! Apple’s new iPhones are thicker, heavier & silky smooth with 120Hz displays. Is Ceramic Shield still the “Toughest glass in any smartphone”?

Apple makes plenty of noise about its Ceramic Shield being tough enough to keep iPhones safe, but dropping any phone from a certain height will always result in tears. Those who are prone to dropping things should still make sure to use a case or, if that isn’t your style, get AppleCare+ instead. It’ll work out more costly, but at least you get to admire that iPhone 13 look that way.

Apple’s iPhone 13 handsets are now on sale after launching on Friday, September 24. These are the best iPhones yet and sales appear to have been brisk — at least based on how busy my local Apple Store was on collection day!

Looking for a case to keep your pride and joy safe? These are the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases available today.

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