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Need training or help with your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV? I can help. I have over 1,300 lessons and tips available. I also offer help through my webinars and my online chat form.

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Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials

All tutorials include easy-to-follow video lessons. New lessons are added on a regular basis.

All Lesson are Unlocked

Membership unlocks all my lessons - over 1,300 lessons of them for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Includes iPad Training

Includes training on specific apps for the iPad with each iPad lesson being recorded on an iPad.

Take Notes

Take notes while watching a lessons. Find all your notes later under your Dashboard.

Renewal Reminders

Reminders are sent about 2 weeks prior to renewals. No more surprise renewals, at least not from me.

Course Tracking

The site keeps track of tutorial progress including what lessons and tips you have taken.

New Lessons added regularly

New lessons and tips are added on a regular basis. Any new lessons and tips are included with your membership.

No-Hassle Cancellation Policy

When you are ready to cancel, I make it easy and painless with a simple link from your Account page.

View on any Browser

My easy-to-follow video lessons can be viewed with any browser, including the Mac, iPad, and iPhone,

Latest News and Updates

Below are my latest news and updates to the site.

My Organizing & Editing in Photos on the iPad Class will be Live Streamed on YouTube

I will be live streaming my class on organizing and editing your photos with Photos on the iPad class! This is a great alternative to Zoom! Just go to the event page and as soon as the class starts, you can start watching! It’s that easy. What are you going to miss by not joining with Zoom? The ability to converse with me and others. So if you would rather observe and not converse, just come back to the event page to watch the class!

What My Members Have to Say

Curious on what my members have to say? Take a look at my latest testimonials.

Dan, I would like to thank you for teaching me, and your effort in replying to my particular tech problems. Thank you very much. – Erika

I found your tutorials to be of the highest quality I’ve come across — you have an excellent teaching style. – Cheryl

Thank you so much for your help. – Rosen

Thanks for saving my hours of trial by error! – lrfolino

Thank you again for the great job you do for so many of us. – Deborah

Watched your Photos lesson and got a lot out of it, especially the iCloud stuff. Thanks. – Bob

Thank you!!!! – MR

Thank you, new to MacBook and couldn’t find the selection keys for the life of me. Easy video, greatly broken down. – Rob

Thank you SO MUCH! 😃 – Krista

Your product is and has always been very helpful. – Frederick

Thank you again for your personal care. – Dale

Thanks for keeping us updated on all the cool things we should know. – Jane

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Welcome to my new site!

New name. New site. Same owner. Same tutorials.
It also has new features, including Live Classes or Webinars, as well as new tutorials and lessons.

Are you a current Noteboom Tutorials Premium member? If you are, you get a complimentary membership! You are almost all set. I imported your username. All you need to do is reset your password on the new site.

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