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All-Access membership is for only $9.99/year. That's less than 99¢ a month! Discount applies to renewals as well!

Everything Is Included

All-Access Membership unlocks everything. Over 1,000 lessons for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Includes iPad Training

Includes training on specific apps for the iPad with each iPad lesson being recorded on an iPad.

Take Notes

Take notes while watching a lessons. Find all your notes later under your Dashboard.

Renewal Reminders

Reminders are sent about 2 weeks prior to renewals. No more surprise renewals, at least not from me.

Course Tracking

The site keeps track of tutorial progress including what lessons and tips you have taken.

New Lessons added regularly

New lessons and tips are added on a regular basis. Any new lessons and tips are included with your membership.

Pause your Subscription

If you have a subscription plan, instead of cancelling it, you have the option to pause it. Resume your subscription when are are ready to learn more.

View on any Browser

My easy-to-follow video lessons can be viewed with any browser, including the Mac, iPad, and iPhone,

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All-Access Membership unlocks all tutorials, lessons, and tips.

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Join today and join my growing list of happy students who are learning more about their Mac's, iPad's, iPhone's, Apple Watch's, and Apple TV's.

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First, I hope everyone is at home and safe. Second, I am offering a free account for 30 days - totally free! No payment information is needed or asked for. You'll have instant access for 30 days, no strings attached.
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