iOS 14: First Thoughts on Widgets

As you probably know, Apple introduced iOS 14 this past week. You can read more about if on Apple’s site. Now this is not available to the public yet, as it is in very early stages of beta. Usually I do not put the first beta on my devices, but I couldn’t wait. After reading about the widgets on the home screen as well as other features, I had to install it. This could be dangerous, but it turns out, so far, this beta is pretty stable on my iPhone. Whew!

So what do I like about iOS 14? A lot! I’ve been waiting for a refresh of the Home Screen, and that is what we have, among other features. I can now place a calendar widget on my Home Screen, as well as a weather widget, activity widget, reminders, widget, and more. Apple really did a nice job with these. What struck me about them is the animation on opening and closing them, as well as when you want to edit the setting.s If you are familiar with the Dashboard on macOS, this widgets work the same way when editing them – they do a little flip to get to the editing controls. It’s like Apple paid a homage to the Dashboard, which is no longer available in macOS Catalina.

Of course there are other features too, such as tapping on the back of the iPhone to access specific features, and the library. With the library, you can even view all of your apps as a list! I’ll have more coming out on these features in the future, but at first I thought I’d show you how I like these widgets.

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