Intuit Has Stopped Updating the QuickBooks Online Mac App; Switch to a Web Browser

If you are using Quickbooks Online for you business’s accounting, you may also be using their Mac app. The Mac app is basically Quickbooks online wrapped in an app. Lately you may have seen a message like the one below announcing that Intuit has stopped updating the QuickBooks Online app. Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your QuickBooks Online account. What you’ll need to do is access your Quickbooks via a Web browser at now. Even if the QuickBooks Online Mac app continues to work, which it likely will for some time, I recommend that you delete it and switch entirely to a Web browser. If you still want to keep it separate from your normal browser, you can open it up in another browser such as Brave or Firefox. It’s not safe to use an unsupported app for financial records because Intuit won’t be fixing any security vulnerabilities going forward. What about Quickbooks Desktop users, such as myself? This doesn’t effect them at all.

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