Inside Apple’s Redesign of the iOS Lock Screen

Lance Ulanoff, in a detailed interview with Craig Federighi and Alan Dye regarding the new lock screen features in iOS 16:

“From a Design Team perspective, our goal was to create something
that felt almost more editorial, and to give the user the ability
to create a Lock Screen that really … ends up looking like a great
magazine cover or film poster but doing it in a way that’s
hopefully really simple to create, very fun, and even with a lot
of automation there,” said Dye. […]

Instead of a set collection of filters you can apply to images,
Apple is using that segmentation knowledge to offer up a bespoke
set of looks.

“These styles are so much more than filters,” said Dye. “We’re
actually using segmentation, tonal values, all of our scene
understanding to really help us determine how we can intelligently
offer a variety of treatments for each photo. Which is also really
cool because it’s very much Apple at its best. Design and
engineering technology all working together to offer something,
really, I think, quite beautiful.”

Instead of eight or a dozen set filters, you might only be offered
two styles for a photo, and they’re unlikely to be the same two if
you chose a different Lock Screen photo. Dye told us that if the
system doesn’t think the photo will look great, it won’t suggest
it, a point of care and attention that helps guide the user
towards more visually arresting Lock Screens.

It’s rough in developer beta 1, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite new feature in iOS 16.

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