Improved Lesson Visuals when viewing a Tutorial

I made some updates to my lesson list when viewing a tutorial. As you may know, but lessons are categorized within my tutorials. For example, my Tutor for Messages has a category for Mac lessons, iPad lessons, and iPhone lessons. I then have these grouped by topics in some of my tutorials. All this is not new, but what is new is I have better visuals. 

It’s now easier to see the separate categories, as well as the topics. I also made it easier to see what lesson you are taking when looking at all your lessons. I did this by changing the colors. The tutorial name is a nice dark blue, while the category is a brighter blue, thereby making these categories easier to see. The topics are slightly lighter, differentiating them from the actual lessons. While the current lesson and topic and darker color. 

So as you scroll through the lessons, you should be able to see these lessons more clear. I think it will make it easier to navigate through my lessons; I hope you do too! Of course, if you have any questions, just let me know.


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