How to get the Hermés Single Tour look for less

When Apple first announced its collaboration with Hermés to create the Apple Watch Hermés, fashionistas everywhere gasped collectively. Still, those of us on a more modest budget immediately started searching for the best Hermés Single Tour Band alternatives. There’s no doubt that Hermés is synonymous with luxury, a perfect match for the technology brand most associated with luxury itself. Luckily some of the best Hermés Single Tour Band alternatives give you that rich look for less.

Best overall: Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band

While the Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band isn’t an exact match to Hermés, it is a tiny fraction of the price. It’s leather like the Hermés band, and the Brown option has silver hardware and white stitching. The tail of the band is similarly pointed. Fullmosa offers a large selection of colors and sizes to fit every Apple Watch. In fact, if you crave the two-tone look, you could even buy two different color bands to mix and match at this price point.


  • Genuine leather
  • Brown version looks similar to Hermés
  • Wide variety of color offerings
  • Low price point
  • Pointed tail like Hermés bands


  • Not an exact match to Hermés

Best overall

Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band

Best for most

These genuine leather bands come in a variety of color options.

Best alternative: Clockwork Synergy Dapper Watch Band

When people ask me what third-party Apple Watch bands they should consider, I always mention Clockwork Synergy Apple Watch bands. Every band Clockwork Synergy makes is of great quality at a great price. The Dapper Watch Band is one of their pricier options, but it’s still a fraction of the price of an Hermés band. The band is crafted from genuine leather and is available in lots of color and texture options. You can even choose your hardware colors to complement your Apple Watch. Both Apple Watch sizes are covered. Clockwork Synergy’s adapters are always top-notch; they slide on and off like butter and remain locked in place when attached.


  • Genuine leather
  • Many color and texture options
  • Great hardware in your choice of colors
  • Nicely priced


  • Doesn’t look exactly like Hermés

Best alternative

Clockwork Synergy Dapper Watch Band

Classy option

While it may not look exactly like Hermés, this is an excellent quality band for far less.

Best value: Marge Plus Apple Watch Band

You get a number of genuine leather color options here from which to choose, but they are pretty much just variations on brown. Hermés offers more interesting colorways and patterns. Both Apple Watch sizes are available at this listing. There are several different hardware colors from which to choose here. This is the kind of neutral watchband you can wear with anything.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Different hardware colors offered
  • Both sizes available
  • Great value


  • Not as many colorful options as Hermés

Best value

Marge Plus Apple Watch Band

Great price

At this price, you could buy several colors to mix and match.

Best color options: *OUHENG Compatible with Apple Watch Band *

This genuine leather band comes in two dozen band and hardware color combinations, so you can choose the look that best complements your Apple Watch and suits your style. The bright orange shown in the photo is very much like the Hermés signature orange shade. The band is both fashionable and comfortable to wear and has the same pointed tail as Hermés bands do. It does come in both Apple Watch sizes.


  • Genuine leather band
  • Many leather and hardware color combinations
  • Well-priced
  • Signature Hermés orange color option
  • Pointed tail like Hermés bands


  • Not as luxe as the Hermés band

Best color options

OUHENG Compatible with Apple Watch Band

Many choices

Get a genuine leather band in your choice of leather and hardware colors, including the classic Hermés orange shade.

Which of the best Hermés Single Tour Band alternatives is for you?

There’s no question that the Apple Watch Hermés is a beauty. If you want an Hermés band, there is no exact substitute for the real deal. However, if you just want one of the best Hermés Single Tour Band alternatives for less, you’ve got options. I like the Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band for its excellent price point and a nice selection of color options, but any of the above choices will look and feel amazing on your wrist.

You can also check out our Best Apple Watch leather bands guide for some more options. If you prefer the wraparound style, we have an Apple Watch Hermés Double Tour look for less guide for you as well. We have tested out quite a few bands over the years to help you find the best Apple Watch bands for your taste and style.

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