Gurman: 48MP wide-angle camera coming to iPhone 14 Pro

The regular iPhone 14 is sticking with 12MP…

What you need to know

  • Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has added his weight to rumors of a 48MP iPhone 14 camera.
  • He says the iPhone 14 Pro will get a 48MP wide-angle lens for bigger pictures.
  • He stated the regular iPhone 14 will stick to 12MP.

Mark Gurman has added his weight to rumors the iPhone 14 will feature a 48MP camera for its Pro model when it comes out later this year.

In a new Power On video, Gurman reiterated much of what we’ve previously heard about the iPhone 14. Namely, that Apple is sticking with a design close to its current best iPhone, the iPhone 13.

Gurman reiterated his previous prediction that a “pill-shaped” cutout for Face ID will replace the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro. He also repeated claims Apple will ditch the ‘mini’ iPhone 14 for an iPhone 14 ‘Max’.

The biggest revelation was Gurman’s own insight stating the iPhone 14 Pro would feature a 48MP wide-angle camera for taking larger photos. A feature previously rumored by Ming-Chi Kuo:

From March:

Taking to Twitter, Kuo noted that the larger camera bump is down to the use of a new 48-megapixel camera. The camera will be physically larger to accommodate the larger sensor — hopefully allowing for even better photos to be taken.

The main reason for the larger and more prominent rear-camera bump of the 14 Pro/Pro Max is upgrading the wide camera to 48MP (vs. 13 Pro/Pro Max’s 12MP). The diagonal length of 48MP CIS will increase by 25-35%, and the height of 48MP’s 7P lens will increase by 5-10%.

Gurman says the lens on the regular iPhone 14 will remain a 12MP camera. He also reiterated rumors that Apple may add emergency texting and SOS over satellite.

Finally, Gurman says Apple is working on fresh colors for the iPhone. Reports Saturday suggest one of those colors could be a shade of purple that changes in certain lights for both the Pro and regular model.

The iPhone 14 is expected in its usual September launch window later this year.

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