Gift a Membership!

Over the years I’ve had numerous requests for gifting memberships. I’ve tried several options, but they all seemed a bit on the clunky side. I am happy to say I brought it back and it is about as easy as it can get!

How does it work? On the Gift a Membership page, all you need to do is select ‘Is this a gift?’ and pay for the gift membership. The site will then show you a new page where you enter your name, the recipient’s name and email, and a note. After that the recipient will receive a link with you note. That link will give them a membership!

You can also manage your gifts in your account page. This will give you access to the link if you need to send it again. You will also be able to see if the recipient started a membership with your gift.

Also, my gift memberships are not subscription and will now renew. When the membership get’s close to ending, I will send the recipient an email asking if they would like to sign up.

Pretty simple, right? Head on over to the Gift page to send a friend or family a gift membership.

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