Genshin Impact 2.8 Summer Fantasia comes to iOS on July 13

What you need to know

  • Genshin Impact will get its big 2.8 update on July 13.
  • The new update is called Summer Fantasia.
  • Gamers can look forward to a ton of new content with the new release.

A big new update is going to add yet more longevity to Genshin Impact.

Fans of the hugely popular RPG Genshin Impact are in for a treat come July 13, with a big new version 2.8 update landing in the App Store. The new content, dubbed Summer Fantasia, will add new areas, stories, puzzles, and more.

The new update will kick off the Summertime Odyssey seasonal event, developer HoYoverse announced over the weekend. The Golden Apple Archipelago has undergone a drastic makeover, a press release goes on to say, noting that we can expect new realms, “extensive exploration gameplay,” and more treasure to hunt for. We’re also told to look out for “unexpected storylines about the Traveler’s companions.”

That all sounds pretty great, but the trailer is what really sells the new update. Check it out, and prepare to begin counting down the days until July 13.

The height of summer is a wonderful time of the year, and there are always many strange, interesting events taking place. A cursed blade of unknown origin, a mysterious unsolved case, and the familiar but not too familiar islands far at sea…

“O seasoned warriors, fear not the depths of despair and death borne from chaos!” “For the Prinzessin, holiest of sovereigns of the kingdom where the night is sacred, will therefore declare the verdict of victory.”

And so, everyone followed the path of their destiny, ready to take on unknown encounters and challenges.

Those who already have Genshin Impact installed will see the new update arrive in the App Store in a week or so, while everyone else can download the game right now — it’s free with in-app purchases and can be played on iPhone and iPad. Note that you’ll need a device running iOS 12 or iPadOS 12 or newer, with the more modern devices likely to give the best experience in terms of performance.

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