Former Apple retail employee auctions ‘Sam Sung’ business card for charity

A former Apple Store employee who used the name “Sam Sung” has put an old business card and employee t-shirt up for auction in the name of charity.

The auction, listed on eBay as an “Apple Sam Sung business card,” consists of a framed employee T-shirt and lanyard, along with a business card. While not normally notable, the lot is unusual due to the name printed on the business card: “Sam Sung.”Now known as Sam Struan, the employee was genuinely called Sam Sung during his time as a Specialist at the Buchanan Street store in Glasgow, Scotland between 2010 and 2012. He later moved to Vancouver and worked at the Pacific Center Apple Store in 2012, reports iPhone in Canada, before his business card gained some notoriety due to the close competition between Apple and its South Korean rival.

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