Flash is dead–Keep Your Mac Secure by Uninstalling Flash Player

Back in July of 2017, Adobe announced that it would stop distributing and updating Flash Player. The date they announced this would happen is coming up fast – December 31st, 2020. Since Adobe is not updating Flash at the first of the year, they will also not address any security vulnerabilities. What Adobe is doing now is prompting users to uninstall Flash. I strongly recommend doing so—just click the Uninstall button if you get this alert. If you don’t, a Flash Player Install Manager app in your Utilities folder should be able to remove Flash Player as well. Adobe also provides instructions to uninstall manually. What does this mean about all the Flash content out there? Web standards like HTML5 provide a viable alternative to Flash content, and organizations that relied on Flash have had three years to replace it. So in a lot of cases, it won’t be an issue.

(Featured image based on an original by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash)

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