Find what you are looking for with Search and Filter

Learn how my new search and filter can help you find what you are looking for on my site.

Find what you are looking for with Search and Filter

I’m excited to announce I’ve updated the search on my site. As we know, searching for anything is key. Look at Google. Their core business is helping you find what you are looking for. We’ll I’d like to do the same with my small site – help you find what you are looking for, help you find what you need help with. I believe I made a big step towards that with my search and filter. Now instead of giving you just a list of results when you do a search, my new search only searches lessons and you can filter the results down by tutorial. You want to know how to take a screenshot on the iPad? Just search for the term screenshot and then filter the results to show lessons only for the iPad. It’s that easy. In this video I give a rundown on how it works.

Video Transcript (video also has closed captions):

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Noteboom Tutorials

Welcome to my new site!

New name. New site. Same owner. Same tutorials.
It also has new features, including Live Classes or Webinars, as well as new tutorials and lessons.

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