‘Far Out’ — Apple Announced September 7 Event

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

For the September 7 event, which is titled “Far Out,” Apple has
designed a space-themed Apple logo and a black hole-style
experience. Initiating the AR experience puts a black hole in the
center of the room, which then shows stars in the shape of an
Apple logo as you approach.

The stars continue to coalesce in and out of an Apple logo
shape, and you can use pinch gestures to adjust the size of the
black hole.

To view the AR experience, open up the Events website on an
iPhone or iPad and tap on the Apple logo.

One possible reading of the “Far Out” theme is that they’ll be previewing a product — the AR/VR headset — that isn’t coming until next year, like when they pre-announced Apple Watch in September 2014. Or perhaps, as often seems to be the case, the “Far Out” name is just a name and signifies nothing.

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