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Do you have an iPad? Are you wondering what is new with iPad OS 15? In this class I’ll go through some of my favorite features Apple added with iPadOS 15. This includes new ways to multitask and open more than one app, as well as viewing the exif or meta data of photos in the Photos app, how you can FaceTime with people who do not have an Apple device, tricks for being more productive in Safari with some of the changes they made, live text in photos, and widgets on the Home Screen.

Topics included:

  • Home Screen Widgets including adding the Files app widget for easy access to specific folders.
  • Accessing the App Library.
  • Adding tags to Reminders and Notes.
  • Quick Notes.
  • New Multi-Tasking Gestures.
  • New Focus mode to help keep you focused.
  • Recognize and look up text and items in photos with live Photos.
  • FaceTime Links for people who are not on Apple devices.
  • Some of the new design changes in Safari.

I hope you find the class helpful!

Note: the video starts out a bit choppy, but after about 5 minutes, it gets better. I had to leave the meeting and come back. after that, it was all good! 🙂

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