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The class will be a live class hosted through Zoom. These classes are the same format as Zoom Meetings. You do need to have an account with Zoom to attend the class. You can sign up for a free Zoom account when you register if you do not have one.

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Tutor for the Photos app on the Mac

A class to help you learn how to manage your photos and videos using Apple’s Photos app on the Mac.

Are you looking to learn how to work with your photos on the Mac? I can help with my class for Photos on the Mac. Photos is an Apple app that helps you organze, edit, and share your photos and videos. This class is designed for the beginner user but not limited to first time users of the Photos app on the Mac. I will cover everything from importing your photos, to organizing your photos, to editing your photos, and sharing your photos. If you want to learn to be more productive and save time organizing, editing, and sharing your photos on your Mac, I can help with with my class on using Photos on the Mac.

What you’ll learn in this class:

  • How to keep all your photos organized on your Mac.
  • How iCloud Photo Library can help keep your Photos and videos organized on all your Apple devices.
  • How iCloud Photo library can help you free up space on your devices by keeping your originals in iCloud.
  • About working with the People Albums.
  • About working with the Places Albums.
  • How to add metadata, including location data, to your photos.
  • How to make adjustments to your photos and to your videos with macOS Big Sur.
  • How to manage multiple libraries on your Mac.

Which version of Photos for the Mac will be shown? This class will be shown using the Photos app in macOS Big Sur. Outside of interface changes, the Photos app in macOS Catalina and Mojave work the same way and the class also apples to those versions of Photos.

Video Transcript (video also has closed captions):

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