Elon Musk Gets Mail

Akiva Cohen, an attorney representing 22 laid-off Twitter employees, in a letter to Twitter and Elon Musk (shared, of course, on Twitter):

If basic human decency and honor isn’t enough to make you want to
keep your word, maybe this will:

If you don’t unequivocally confirm by Wednesday, December 7 that
you intend to provide our clients with the full severance Twitter
promised them, we will commence an arbitration campaign on their
behalf, with each employee filing a separate individual
arbitration, as required by the terms of your arbitration
agreement. Under both California law and the JAMS arbitration
rules, Twitter will be responsible to pay the arbitration costs
for each individual arbitrator and arbitration. Consistent with
the terms of Twitter’s arbitration agreement, those arbitrations
will be held in jurisdictions across the country — no more than 45
miles from where each employee worked. Not only will you lose on
the merits, but even if you somehow won the victory would be
pyrrhic: Twitter will pay far more in attorneys’ fees and
arbitration costs than it could possibly “save” in severance due
our clients.

And to be clear, Elon, you will lose, and you know it.

Owning Twitter seems like a lot of fun.

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