Download the May ’22 Issue of my Recap Newsletter

The May ’22 issue of Recap is now available. This issue covers what I’ve add and updated in May 2022, including 1 AMA webinar, 1 class, and a number of lessons! When you download it, you can open it in your Books app on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone!

Some of what I cover in this issue include:

Class & Webinar Updates

  • AMA Webinar – May 5, 2022
  • Creating Shortcuts on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone Class

Lesson Updates

  • Find and Edit Shortcuts from the Shortcuts Gallery
  • Lock, Erase, and Remove Devices from your iCloud Account
  • Request the Desktop Website with Safari on the iPad
  • Organizing Shortcuts by Folder or Type
  • Forget Troublesome Networks on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Add Shortcuts to the Mac’s Dock, Menu bar, or as a Quick Action
  • Mute the Volume in a Zoom Meeting on an iPad
  • Organize your Notes with Tags on the Mac
  • Zoom into your Mac’s Display
  • Edit the Name, Color, and Icon or Glyph for a Shortcut
  • Ask Siri to Run a Shortcut on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Enable Full keyboard Access on the Mac
  • Add Shortcuts to the iPad or iPhone Home Screen
  • Control your Apple TV from your iPad and iPhone
  • Enable Hover Text on the Mac
  • Ignore Built In Trackpad on a Mac
  • Add Virtual Desktops with Spaces and Mission Control
  • Create a Shortcut to Pause Audio from your iPhone when Connecting to a Car
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