Download the April ’22 Issue of my Recap Newsletter

The April ’22 issue of Recap is now available. This issue covers what I’ve add and updated in April 2022, including 1 AMA webinar, 2 classes, and a number of lessons! When you download it, you can open it in your Books app on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone!

Some of what I cover in this issue include:

Class & Webinar Updates

  • AMA Webinar – April 7, 2022
  • Accessibility Options on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone Class
  • Backing Up your Mac, iPad, and iPhone Class

Lesson Updates

  • Add Audio to Slides In Keynote on the Mac
  • Find and Copy Usernames & Passwords
  • Add Audio as a Soundtrack To a Keynote Presentation
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Usernames & Passwords
  • Add Comments and Highlight Text to Slides and Objects In Keynote
  • Share, Collaborate, and add Comments to Presentations
  • Rehearse and Present your Slideshow
  • Share Usernames and Passwords
  • Using an iPhone as a Remote For Keynote Presentations
  • Create Links Only Slideshows In Keynote
  • Sync Usernames & Passwords
  • Record Narrated Keynote Slideshows
  • View and Edit Compromised Passwords
  • Use Live Text to Copy or Translate Text in a Photo
  • Use Live Text to Copy Text in a Photo on the Mac
  • Add Notes to saved Usernames and Passwords
  • Present over the Internet with Keynote Live
  • Export your Keynote Slideshow
  • Import and Export Usernames and Passwords
  • A look at Keynote Preferences On the Mac
  • Customize Keynote’s Toolbar On the Mac
  • Add Tags to Reminders On the Mac
  • Remove Split-Views on the iPad
  • Share your Location Temporarily on the iPhone
  • Add Printers to Mac’s Dock
  • View memory usage in Activity Monitor on Mac
  • Introduction to Shortcuts on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • A Look at a Shortcut Up Close 
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