Download the July ’22 Issue of my Recap Newsletter

The July ’22 issue of Recap is now available. This issue covers what I’ve add and updated in July 2022, including 1 AMA and my clas on Spark Mail. It also includes a number of lessons! When you download it, you can open it in your Books app on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone!z

  • Some of what I cover in this issue include:

Class & Webinar Updates

  • Using Spark as a Mail Client Class
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) Webinar from July 28, 2022

Lesson Updates

  • Create a Mail Merge in Pages on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Manage Data Access for Apps in the Mac, iPhone, and iPhone
  • Add your Physical Signature to the Mail App on the Mac
  • Limit Access to the iPad and iPhone with Guided Access
  • Location Tracking on the iPad and iPhone
  • Automate Low Power Mode on the iPhone
  • Manage Read Receipts in Messages on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Create Quick Notes on the Mac
  • Print Envelopes from a Numbers Spreadsheet with Mail Merge
  • Create an App-Specific Password with your Apple ID
  • Add, Combine, and Save Shapes and Clip Art in a Pages Document
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