Download my New Recap Newsletter

I am excited to announce.a new benefit for my members – Reap Newsletter. This newsletter comes out once a month and recaps everything I’ve added for a given month. This includes any blog posts, new and updated lessons, webinars, and classes I’ve held. This newsletter is designed in Pages and can be opened in the Books app on the Mac, ipad, and iPhone. If you are using iCloud, the newsletter will even sync across all your devices! The first issue is over 50 pages and includes lessons on Photos, the iPhone, Tap Forms 5, the Apple TV’s control Center, the iPad, and much more.

This newsletter is included with my membership, which also includes online lesson tracking, online notes, favorites, search and filter lessons, and more. If you are a member, download the newsletter today! Not a member, sign up today! I hope you like it!

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