Disney Mirrorverse brings dark action to iOS in June 2022

There’ll be special rewards for pre-registering if certain thresholds are met before launch.

What you need to know

  • Disney Mirrorverse is a new upcoming mobile action-RPG taking place in an alternate Disney world.
  • Players collect characters and build squads of Guardians, alternate takes on Disney and Pixar icons, in order to fight the evil Fractured.
  • Disney Mirrorverse is currently scheduled to launch on mobile platforms on June 23, 2022.
  • Players will get bonuses for pre-registering, with additional rewards for meeting various milestones.

Disney Mirrorverse is on the way, providing Disney fans with a new mobile action role-playing game that’s slated to launch later this year. In Disney Mirrorverse, players collect teams of Guardians in order to fend off the Fractured, an evil group seeking to destroy this alternate world.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Disney Mirrorverse below:

Disney Mirrorverse allows players to customize their Guardians for additional success, while the gameplay unfolds in 3D, which will likely look even better if you’ve got one of the best iPhones for gaming. In addition to the story mode, more content will be added on a monthly basis, with new quests and characters for players to enjoy.

Disney Mirrorverse is slated to arrive on June 23, 2022. Players will get some special rewards for pre-registering on iOS or the Google Play Store. Players who pre-register on iOS will get the Golden Mickey Mouse avatar, while pre-registration on the Google Play Store nets the Stellar Mirror avatar. The developers at Kaban are also promising additional rewards if various milestones for pre-registration are met.

Multiple worlds

Disney Mirrorverse

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Disney Mirrorverse is a full action-RPG coming in June 2022. Pre-register now and if certain conditions are met, you’ll get some special bonuses to start the game with.

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